Monday, July 20, 2009

I've moved

New chapter, new blog. And so it goes. Visit me here.

Monday, February 02, 2009

That last post

So here's the skinny on that last post.

My sister's computer broke. This is my problem because I am the resident computer geek in my family. I man the help desk 24/7. I keep telling them this isn't what I DO. They keep calling me.

So after two weeks of continuous deflection and half-hearted phone intervention, I finally gave in and went over to my sister's house to have a look. I figured, if I couldn't help her, at least Kath and Chris could play with the kid for a while, and that would make everyone happy (including Dave, who got the afternoon to himself).

Long story short, I did figure it out. And it wasn't at all what I thought originally. But at least it's fixed. I thought I would be funny and write a little post on my blog, pull it up on the screen (to demonstrate that the internet was working again) and call Katherine into the room to "see if maybe I got something."

What did she do? Walk over to the computer? Scroll right past my cute little post, and demand, "Is it fixed?"

Arg. So much for being cute.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

How much Ann rocks.

This is a blog post about how much I rock.

I fixed Kath and Chris' internet connection, even though I had no business figuring it out.

That's because I rock.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to the baby doctor

I bit the bullet. We're going back to the baby doctor.

I've been doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs and, yes mom, I've been having sex. But no baby #2. So I'm headed back to the gyn, and then on to the baby doctor. Thanks to my HMO's carefully orchestrated referral process, we should be back on the injections sometime around the middle of 2012.

We all want to do it the regular way, don't we? But you get to this point where it's like, whatev. I want the baby more.

Don't tell Dave. I think I want three. We'll see.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I admit it. I'm disgrunted.


On Friday at noon, a client sent me an email asking me to review an idea he had for a weekly email special. This is a client who routinely asks me to review his half-assed ideas, which he then (sometimes) half-follows-through-on (if at all).

So nevermind that it's going to be a half-assed effort. And nevermind that my sql server got hacked last week. And never mind that that stupid SSL cert still won't install - I'll review your stupid idea (again) and get back to you.

Sunday, 8:48 a.m.
From: Stupid client
Re: weekly specials

Have you had a chance to look at?

WHAT? On Sunday morning? You asked me this question on Friday afternoon. I guess I'm not supposed to have a weekend.


A client of a client is refusing to pay my invoice because she thinks it's outrageous that I make $125/hour. Outrageous? That a business should earn $125/hour? That the owner should take home (maybe) a third of that? Or that your sorry little PhD ass barely earns twice that? Are you feeling a little insecure about your graduate school training, sweetie?


Me: My back hurts. I really need to start exercising.
Dave: There's nothing to do. Just go for a walk.
Me: When am I supposed to do that?
Dave: Just go do it. Whenever.
Me: You just don't understand how hard I work.
Dave: Mmph.



MJ: My gf is sick, so I'll be online and working on your stuff pretty much all the time for the next few days.
Me: Cool. Talk to you in the morning then.



Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crazy week

This has been some kind of crazy week.

First of all, Monday was a daycare holiday. Daycare holidays are the worst. All my clients are working (criminy! it's only Columbus Day!), but since daycare is closed, I cannot work. At. All.

So I got up on Tuesday already a whole day behind. Had acupuncture in the morning, then bolted at 2:15 to head to Philly with Andrew for mega-death-metal-dead-babies-on-pitchforks-arrr-satan-arrr.

We saw five death metal bands, culimating with...wait for it...Danzig!!! All told, it was a VERY late night. The show ended at 1:30 a.m., and Andrew let me sleep the whole way back to his house. I love him.

Wednesday morning, I woke up to this IM:

"Ann, our site is screwed up. It's throwing all kinds of errors, and opening other websites, and it's not displaying right."


I'll cut to the chase: SQL Server. Hacked. Firewall. Not configured correctly. Passwords. All need changing. Seriously not my bad. Oh well.

Two days later, I'm finally coming up for air. I haven't done a stitch of work all week, and tomorrow's Friday.


Friday, July 25, 2008


Silliness persists chez babyoog.

So long-lost Randy, the high school friend with the something-starting, possibly lesbian (according to Stephen) wife, and I were supposed to get together a couple weeks ago to catch up. But then there was all this drama. Now I'm in a holding pattern. Oh well.

It's kind of a shame because I've been waiting for 15 years to reconnect with him, but apparently it's still not the right time. It's making me wonder if there ever will be a right time. I hope so.

In other news, I'm thinking really hard about going to graduate school. I wish I'd gone right after undergrad, but things didn't work out that way. (I was pretty boneheaded back then! :) ) But unlike some regrets, it's never too late to rectify this one.

It would be a ways off. I want to have another baby first, and I have to ramp up so I'm as fresh with the material as my just-graduated counterparts (including taking the GRE and subject test), but I think I'm ready to prove that you really can go back to school after all these years.

Johns Hopkins University has two very cool programs - a PhD in English and American Literature and an MFA in Fiction. Not sure how many people they accept into the PhD program each year. They accept 6 each year to the MFA program, so it's very competitive. Pretty much a dream. But I'm awesome, right? :)

So what of Bevans Group? Well, honestly, I'm tired. It's been eight years, and it's been an awesome ride, but I'm starting to feel like I've learned everything I can learn from this journey. And it's exciting to think about heading off in a completely different direction, even if it's a ways off.

Woo hoo!